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Where to get free exam papers for 2013

2013 is about to come to a close, during the holidays some students may be doing some studying and revision to prepare themselves for the new term in 2014. Although it is a bit early to start practicing for mid-years and finals, some parents are already looking for the latest exam papers that are set in 2013 to help their child familiarise with the latest syllabus and requirement changes. Exam papers are not to find but if you want to get them firsthand, below are a few tips.

Multiple distribution channels

After the publishers have collated the exam papers from different schools, they will send the set of 2013 exam papers to various distribution channels such as book stores, stationary/printing shops and online shops for retail. The process of collation and distribution usually takes some time. From the moment the exam papers are available (after final year exams), the 2013 exam papers for all subjects would be availble around january to february 2014.

To find out a more specific date of the availability of the exam papers, you can check with shop owners who are already selling 2012 exam papers, many shops also offer preorder and delivery service.

Ten-year series

If you are looking for the latest past year exam papers for major exams such as GCE O levels and PSLE exams, they should be available in february or march. If you are in primary 6 or sec 4 (the year which you are going to buy the exam papers), you can save on trying to find the exam papers yourself as most schools will buy in bulk for their students and will usually get them first-hand once they are available.

When will we have it

There is no way that we can confirm a specific date which the 2013 exam papers for p1-p6, sec 1 – sec 4 will be available as delays are common and has happened many times before. The estimated time period is around january to february and we will update our pages to include the 2013 exam papers once we get them. In the meantime, practicing 2012 exam papers is also a good idea since school is about to start, practicing the exam papers before others will give you an additional edge over your peers for the upcoming common tests.

Latest Update

The latest exam papers that have been compiled are usually not available free of charge, that is because the publishers who collated the exam papers usually have to pay a fee to get the exam papers from schools and teachers. Many of the exam papers that have been collected do come with answers so the publishers will have to pay graduates and qualified people to come up with the answers for the exam papers. As a result, do not expect to find free 2013 exam papers just yet, they may be available some time later. The 2013 exam papers for primary schools are now available, you can find them via the links above!

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